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Sexual Dysfunctions

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Lecture 7 23:27 Sexual Disorders and Dysfunction Sexual Behaviour Changing views of sexual behaviour: Change over time (permissive vs. restrictive) Views toward sexual preferences vary across cultures Diversity of sexual practices in human societies (i.e., swinging, bigamy, strip clubs) Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Orientation Homosexual behaviour Defined as a sexual behaviour with members of ones own sex NOT a DSM diagnosis Homosexual orientation Individuals who prefer to engage in sexual activity with members of own sex over an extended period of time. Bisexual behaviours Preferred partners are sometimes same sex, sometimes opposite sex. NOT a DSM diagnosis Identifying oneself as G, L, B is associated with stigma, and can also be associated with serious psychological problems. High suicide rate. DSM Disorders Sexual Disorder: Gender Identity Disorders: psychologically dissatisfied with ones biological sex. Paraphilias: sexual arousal occurs primarily in response to inappropriate objects. Sexual Dysfunctions: Normal Sexual Function: Many opinions regarding what is normal sex behaviour. Research has led to a better understanding of sexual practices and physiology in males and females. Masters and Johnson: examined sexual physiology in the lab. 1) Masturbation is similar to sex. 2) Penis size not correlated with pleasure. 3) 4 stages in sexual response cycle.
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