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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Sensory Processing

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Franca Placenza

Intro to Sensory Systems 1. Five classic senses o Vision o Audition o Taste o Smell o Touch 2. More like 5 groups of sensations o Vision o Audition o Chemical senses Taste Smell o Somatic senses Touch Pain Temperature Proprioception - ability to sense the position of body parts in relation to everything else o Vestibular sensation 3. Major components of sensation o Sensory receptor cells o Transduction - physical stimulus to neural stimulus o Central pathways - cant perceive stimuli without the brain Sensory Receptor Cells 4. Distinct cells for each sensory systems o Specific physiological properties Transduction 5. The way one neuron can communicate with another neuron o A conversion of signals 6. Receptors on cells that respond to certain stimuli Central Pathways 7. We have sensory cortices Touch 8. Can experience touch in a number of different ways o EX = tingly, vibrations, stretching 9. 3 layers of the skin 10.Mechanoreceptors = receive tactile information
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