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Lecture 5

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Lecture 5 Oct 9, PSY290  Touch Pain Taste and Smell  Pathways from skin to brain  Cutaneous sensations  Touch and Pain  Cutaneous Receptors  Meissner’s Corp.: Small fields, Fast adapting  Good at locating things  Merkel’s Disk: Small fields, slowly adapting  Pacinian Corp.: Large fields, fast adapting  Deep vibration  Ruffini Ending: Large fields, slowly adapting  Deep tugging, gripping (slow adapting to make sure you know you’re still hanging on)  Free nerve ending: Pain and temperature  Hair Ending: Sensitive to breezes and touch  Fast- and Slow-adapting receptors  There are receptors that are fast-adapting and only respond to a change, i.e. if someone sits on your lap, it would fire when they sit and when they get up  On the other hand, slow-adapting would fire the entire time that the person sits on you  Pathways for inhibition of pain  Analgesia and Opiates  Pathways from internal organs to brain  Visceral sensations  Taste  Pathways from outer world to brain  Olfaction  The Telencephalon  Other Subcortical Systems  Startle Reflex  Sound Localisation  Head Turns and Balance  Dermatomes  Cervical (back of head, neck, shoulders, arms  Thoractic  Sacral Lumbar  Nerves  Trigeminal V (two sensory branches, not 3 in the face)  Cervical 1-8 (C1-C8)  Thoracic (from first rib to 12 , Th1-Th12)  Lumbar 5  Sacral 5  Cocygeal  Pathways  The Dorsal Column, Medial-Lemniscuses System  Primary pathway for fast information because it carries all the myelinated axons  Runs along one side of the body but crosses to the opposite side of the brain where the sensory region for the half of the body is represented  The somatotopic map has a complete map of the opposite side of your bo
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