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Gillian Rowe

Tuesday office hours: 5-6 SS504 th Extra hours weekend before assignment due date sat 17 nov. SS581 2-5 LONGEVITY, HEALTH AND FUNCTIONING. How we age review- some ppl have these problems unproportionally and some at an early age. How long will we live? A study in Cda showed higher percentage of diabetes with first nations. There’s a faster rise compared to the rest. Infant mortality rate decreased which has the largest effect on life expectancy. 20-40 years especially women- Gestational diabetes might be a genetic predisposition so we need to screen and prevent in different groups. Not everybody ages the same. Our generation may be the first to outlive our parents. Some researchers take 50+ till 90 and take average. This doesn’t reflect reality. There’s a large difference between 60’s and 80’s. It needs to be done in at least decades. It is very rare to see people who are still independent over the age of 100. Jeanne calmante- oldest age ever. In 2007 hallmark reported sales of 85000 centenarian birthday cards. 2011-5000 cards in Cda. 100 year old man in Toronto marathon. 21 of Saskatchewan residents are 100+ (similar to Japan) Only 6% of ppl reaching 100 in Cda reach 105. 60% reach 101. Centenarian lessons for aging: -embrace aging and take advantage of opportunities. - Exercise though out life, yet if they start from old age they will still benefit from it. - engagement in life (talking and thinking)- more thinking =better cognitive abilities. Volunteering increases health especially for older adults. They feel good and stay active. Cf writing journals. -nutrition: For older ppl their metabolism is not the same so they may need exta vitamins - reduce stress. Since modern stress has no outlet it is good to be obtimitic Diet: -Caloric restriction: reduction of 20% is probably down to the normal amount that they should have. How long will we live: nd Many disorders are on X chromosome, so women can compensate with the 2 chromosome but men can’t. Differences in life risks between men and women are decreasing and may not influence gender differences in longevity today. Defining health and illness: Health may be experiences without necessary absence of disease: Medication may control certain illnesses. Roberts, 1999- use of age comparative items is very informative in aiding to get an overall picture. They are subjective answers, but they give good insight. Some old ppl may feel very healthy due to their lower expectati
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