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Alison Luby

PSY323 Lec 1 92712 401 PM PSY323 Sex rolesBehaviorApproaches to understanding Gender A Cultural Approach B Evolutionary Approach C Ongoing natureculture debate D Social Structural ApproachDefinitions Sex Biological categories of malefemale Gender social construction of masculinity or femininity Gender is rooted in biological sex differences Society dictates how males and females should think feel and act in terms of masculinity and femininityStereotypes about men v women Men rational hide emotions breadwinning protection providers aggressive weaker math more sexually promiscuous dominant athletic competitive leaders sex independent confident sloppy loud rough decisive Women emotional less rational caregiving passive stronger words submissive multitask bad drivers relational aggression complicated emotions good cooks crazy manipulative emotional bonds grooming expectations dependent quiet neat politeCultural Approach Bipolar assumption idea that an individual has characteristics associated with either males OR females but not both idea that you have traits of one or the other genderThe bipolar assumption could be predicted by the psychological essentialism viewGender seems to be natural immutable discrete and stable Haslam et al 2000Biological differences determine our immutableWhy do we use these assumptions its easier to categorize its how we understand our world
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