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Lecture 3

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Dan Dolderman

PSY336 Positive Psychology Lecture #3 January 26, 2011 Goals + short term have no relation to long-term wellbeing Affective forecasting predicting future emotional state In lab, cold emotional state o Imagine being drunk and being depressed o Sad people think theyll be sad forever The effects of significant effects wear off they go back their baseline o STRONG adaptive system o Exceptions: prolonged helping of family member who has degenerative disease; you dont go back to baseline right away If we know that obsessively following money is bad, why do we pattern our beliefs? o Why is delayed gratification so hard? o People believe that people are awesome then also believe that people are greedy Believing the best of human nature vs. people are lazy and selfish How do we motivate employees? o Token is for children; punishment to children o Corporations are just like parents with children, just a little more complex Rewards and punishments because we dont have faith in human nature o Were sheeple, need sugar and guidance; not very optimistic view of human nature o Most of the time people are useless o Corruption is everywhere! o Motivation works! (beh
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