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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Dan Dolderman

PSY336 Positive Psychology Lecture #9 March 23, 2011 The experience of snowfall is interpreted by us differently Wisdom importance of getting self out of the way Grandpa Simpson saying = meaningless until you go back in time Attunement take larger perspective Aware of circumstance important Open vs. closed o Neither is the right way to be (not wise) o Its bad to be too open or too closed o The answer: depends context larger sense of circumstances o Dynamic interchange between person + circumstance Team in mind o If not working together (ego, disagreement) o During battle, bomber team = completely in tune o In crisis, individuality can drop away o Saint: every single moment = moment of crisis Unpleasant experience extend them in time emotions (intuitive state) o Therefore, cognitively stabilize emotions o Turn self into movie o Bodies (how we carry out emotions) o We are no saints or bombers o Sensitive awarenesses o The team is not attuned o Inner construction Mindfulness = paying attention (bare heart of atte
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