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Lecture 3

PSY336H1F Lecture 3 May 20

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Dan Dolderman

PSY336H1F L3 May 20 2014affect duration duration of onset stage magnitude of emotions EmotionsAfter stress or eustress have passed mental exhausted o But less physiological burnout from eustress since Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts And you are slave to your emotions Elizabeth Gilbert framed the situation velyStudy by Frederickson on adaptiveness of emotionsEmotions comprised by thoughtsphysiological o Why are some ppls emotional response longer or sensationsexperiences stronger than others o Reduced to processes o Ex Earlier onset larger amplitude badIf we have insight into these processesknow how to o Ex Later onset lower amplitude quick return to manipulate them baseline preferableUnderstanding of positive emotions undeveloped until o Stress hardinessResilience recentlyAbility to recover from stressful experiencesMid 1990s 1 Premeasured resilience thru resilience scale o Beginnings of ve psych 2separate into high resiliencelow resilience grps o Field was focused onemotionsimportant because o Stable dispositional measure underlie destructive bhvrs 3told they have a short amt of time to prepare of speech oemotions also easily seendisplayed that they will give to a video camera oemotions have physiological markers signatures o Many ppl afraid of public speaking o Fn ofemotions understood 4hooked up to measures of physiological arousal ex oemotions ex fear anger can energize the body skin conductance reinforced by thoughtsbodily feedbacksnowballs 5universal spike in stress response for HRLRo No dif in magnitude of stress response Emotions evolved as fast highlyreactive in response to o universal spike in stress response for HRLR specificacute envt demandsno difference in magnitude of stress response o but significantly longer duration of stress responseEckman Shortduration lastsec spike for LR o pressure spikesAsks What is the difference btwn these ppl o if dominated byemotions fn for survival 6interviews themInterconnected aspects of emotion o LR pp
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