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Dan Dolderman

EmotionsPaul Ackerman catalogue all the different expressions that humans make Can see peoples facial muscles Lie to me Can tell the difference between lying and not Give the computer program to tell whether people are lying to police etc when you are trying to lie to you can control your behaviour to a certain degree We are good at overall expressions however the microexpressions eyes not smiling etc On the surface the friend of professors Dolderman she is happy but right under the surface is emptiness We are trapped in the social illusion that everyone is good and we are the only ones who are dysfunctional We can train ourselves into reading microexpressions Glamour and tabloid magazines Self magazine Tabloid beauty health Kind of like you suck and these are easier ways to get better No how to gain more selfesteemthought that the emotional system evolves is in a Paul Ackerman Negative emotionsnegative fashion Emotions are instantly triggered by environment outside of awareness requires very little attentiveness and they have a physiological signalEvolutionsurvival of the fittest killing the enemies danger emergency very individualistic way The single organism reacts to emergency and then the fittest will survive The individual zebra in the desert they are died after a couple of days The zebras black and white stripes are only useful when they are together the stripes are woven together and you cannot see where the zebra starts and ends The lion stalks them they single the zebra out and then they eat them However if the lion cannot identify a single zebra s they are together and then they will be protected Evolution works not only at individual levelsHumans are basically useless in the nature setting thus we need to be together in order to survive The social organization that had caused us to flourish Evolution is not only survival but also mating and keeping our progeny aliveEvolution also selects for ability to function in groupsaltruism WE have this innate response to turning towards people for support Paul Ackerman Emotions are fast reactive decrease metaactiveness harness body action Emotions trigger specific action tendencies When you are angry blood flows to your hands fight when you are scared blood flows to your legs flee Negative emotions spike up stay for a while and then subsides The spike up is really fast negative emotions spike up the whole duration is from the spike up to when it goes back to original point It is easier to deal with the duration of the negative emotion hard
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