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PSY336 Lecture 120220 543 PM Dont surrender your loneliness so quickly Let it cut more deep Let it ferment and season youAs few or even divine ingredients canHafeIf you are bored when alone its your own fault Graffiti artistReview ve emotions Frederickson Lecture CsikszentmihalyiHe would ask Sss how they were feeling at different intervals during the dayQ Which day of the week were people most boredo Sundayafternoonepitome of free timeo Most days of the week we have things to doget done o Wo structure in our mind we get bored and attention gets diffuse So we turn on the tv Q What is common among these theories of boredomo Attn is lacking Ad Watch tv for 30mins without actually watching tvis it possible that you could be doing slightly different Ds observations mind is forming a narrative desire for the most part nothing is happening Studies show interest goes down after initial spike of fun from watching tv On the leisure industryoptimistic but also cynicaleg work can be appropriated for our needsField work asked Sss about their peak experiences
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