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Hywel Morgan

Mental Retardation and AutismAAMR was the one who took the lead and defined mental retardation decreased or delay in adaptive functioningMost people who have psychological disorder are treated physiologically WHAT two tend to go hand in hand ROOT in neurological disfunction It is organic in origin After learning about conditioning we though we could cure mental retardation but since it doesnt it shows mental retardation is different from autism infact General acknowledgement on DSM 5 that this is neurodevelopment disorder which occurs early on in development and perhaps during brithIntellectual disabilities can also occur in adult hood with main causes being Stroke or Brain damage Open and closed head injuries Well defined what mental retardation is originally came from AAMR and now they have changed to AAIDD American association for childand adolescent psychiatry defined intellectual disability as confusion of mental retardation0630 In order t be diagnosed with MR you have to have low IQ and issue adapting to daily life Many children go on to learn a great deal and can be partially independent What is intellectual disability according to Associaition for Retarded Citizens Must be present in functioning and pres culture age andyou can be put in environment that you are not familiar with and that learning with much slowIt is realy important that we put that into definition IF u take long time to adapt that is normal but what about in case of MR Conceptual social and practical skillslanguage reading money and direction are all conceptual skillssocial skills involve interpersonal responsibility and self esteem and moralitypracticalinvolve toiling dressing grooming and eating and managing money and using transportation and housekeeping are some of the examples Diagnosing Intellectual Disabilitues AAIDDnot from DSM AAIDD taken lead from dsm in diagnosing MR The process 1642 contains three steps1 Qualified person give onemore standardized intelligence teststandardized adaptive test INDIVIDUALLY not in groupsPsycholigist or psychometrist may do it both Psychometrist can administer psych test but may not diagnose test must be administer individually and never in groups 2 person weakness and strength are determined across four dimensions1 intellectual and adaptive behavioral skills2 psych and emotional considerations3 physiological health considerations4 environmental considerationsOsbservations testing and interview can be used to assess and also interaction with that person in their daily functioning
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