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University of Toronto St. George
Martin Ralph

PSY397 MAY 13, 2013 Slide 1 - Pseudo satellite images cloud cover away - East coast - Sunrise on eastcoasr on na - Shape of arc indicate the year - Horizontal nature of top sub light to lef not illuminate north so winter time - Shadow bw light and dark and that is twilight and move from east to west - And know day based on twilight sits - Know time of year horizontal and time form perp 2 - Nfl 730 in morning - Then w hour later - Sunrise later and later - All of na illuniated in eastern time zone Cbtc - Schools 9 in morning and acroos Canada - According to sun time school and work force start day 1 145 after sun has risen - Thunderbay just as the sun rises go to school - And same in nun go to school in dark - Not full estbaloshed sun till 1030 in nun - All exposed to different light dark cycles - Bio clock synch to cycles asked to go to at different times according internal clocks - Go school 130 hr before their body tells them to wake up - Better part of last half century How do we deal with time - All organisms not juts humans - Deal with time and why deal with mechanism that can measure duration of time time since - More specifically for org that pred how long food run down burrow how long to come back up - For remembering time as well - Something sig in env occurred register what happened when and where – - Perception of time passing diff form measurement a lot to do with attention - Clocks devices mimick regular cycles of outside world and anticapte reg changes Natural selection - One way look at it - Asking question why have these things why have clocks - Know why know more about structure how did nature come up with odd thing - Does it make sense to us and can we control it - Nature no purpose trial and error and org optimize activity in difernt environment by dif reproduction - Env changes everyday and every year etc - Env is changing gnotonly adaqpted to snapshot also to env that change over time and change reg - Not just tekking the time allowing adaptation to be optimized An ancient need for clock - Prupose - Fundamental need for orgto have clock - Strucuture of clock of different org adapted four time - Molecule clock find large kingdoms of life all have diff mol clocks - Within the family same clock - Fundamental reason to get out of the light - Bacteria exist in light use sun as source of energy - Light is extrememly deleterious to exist particular uv light get rid of org light from sun and light exist long back before atmosphere was oxygenated - When clocks first aross - Sequestrial mole two times of day - Growth at night and cytoplasmic operation day when org can gather light energy - Why org benefit having clock when sit there - No obvious answer - Mimic cycles outside world so well hard to argue there are clocks How much energy - Why not just reacting to outside world - Determine need for clock - Need for clock vs risk - Risk and some need to expend energy to get more - Risk ass with self
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