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Romin Tafarodi

Approaching the Mass Media – will be relearning what has already been learned about media – critical distance – this is about weighing and discerning, attempt to sift out what about this is good, what about it is bad – --> taking something that is an object/ event and relating it, not to be confused with being negative – --> trying to achieve a distance enough to be able to see and analyze properly – ads are objects that must be read, – there both natural and non-natural signs – texts involve arbitrary causal of meaning (check this cuz i'm unsure) – the meaning of an object is one that goes beyond the object3 – an isolating utterance connected to something else of significance (in context) is what gives it meaning – when a text is produced and it has a communicative dimension, it is sending a message – trying to take the background and making it transparent – when decoding, we prefer the dominant encoding, (we replicate in reverse fashion what was presented to us --- umm maybe not worded well) – will be using conceptual levers in this course, not focusing on causal laws b/c when it comes to social life, cld be argued that there arent many causal laws – interpretation has no end point, there is no limit to the amount of meaning you can endow something with – if you wanted to promote insight, everything that went into the strategy to gain the object had to be in the visual field (this is in the chimp exp) – --> humans are different b/c they have abstract thought,
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