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PSY494 SEPT 20, 2012 Background - Foundations philosophical foundations of emotions - Research ideas of science of emotions and basic concepts Emotion - Webster reasonable definition amotion is affective part of consciousness - Affective part of consciousness from wilhem wundt a introspective school of psychology how much from introspexting about the state, a psychophysicists what is the feeling of seeing red - Separate a separate affect - When seeing red u have quality of red and the hard question is not what brain rep red but how it affects u - They dont do it anymore they dont ask u how it feels - Now is physical events - How stimulus effects us not simple properties but whether u like it or not - Perceptual not look at it - Where did wundt get it from it affects u influence over u - Makes ur body move, emotions may prepare ur body to movement to approach something or avoid something dont like - Also movement of the feelings sense of something moving u awaya from homeostatsis - Not just bodily movement but also some movement of the soul per se, u care about it The first emotion - According to this book was first emotion - Whether revealing this not science, what humans think of origins of emotions - When ewating what happens when eating from tree of knowledge - Two things the leaves oh my im naked no self consciousness - No sense of ebing aware of ones self, - The first emotion is shame or embarrassment its not bliss - Bliss was before self consciousness but once realazied I need clothes is first emotion - Conscious of appearance and who u are - Need a self to have emotion - Idea is level of conscious, know thy self - Having that knowldeg gives us emotions - Emotions not seen as good things but as bad - Hunger vs emotion History - Emtion is really salient u care, grabs ur attention gives ur life meaning - Culturally humans discovered emotion possibly - One perspective is what we have now in our culture we like to see emotion not relaying facts this what tlike back in the day like sumer those stories filled with emotions filled with human emotion and how influenced them - Giglamish and goddess inanna who was attracted to him and says he is busy and gets mad what does she do she goes to her dad to complain culture difference and use bull of heavan to take vengeance but emotions existed since then - Did we discover anger 2000 years ago Change - Medieval very sirley farting and yelling and mad - Their emotions not in check - Emotions showing of emotions have changed, medieval unchained emotions - Culture has done regulate emotions put them in check - Properness of the court courtship - They have emotions same way but shaped by culture - Emotioniolgy accentuating the positive and decreasing the negative - People limit negative emotions and enhance positive emotions they show people does this mean people are happier no just learn to control - Emotions similar past 5000 years, but what is pop to show has changed Philo - Desire to eat an apple Is that an emotion anser descarte is no - Dualism - Antonio demazio error of descarts emotion separate mind and body - Not just in the skulls Descartes said appears that way but speration - Perception take in info and then feelings and passions related to body not to mind - What body needs, like hunger and pain, really salient xpereince - Hunger has qauliutes of emotion, Descartes says emotion is mind not body - Not body and eat for nutrients u have feleling for them but what body needs - Hunger is related to physiological substrate of body - Emotions are tell us what is important to us our minds souls not just the body - And more complex things like envy joy these things not about body but other layer of concern What is - Body is motivation other drives but not same as pride - Mind related to emotions - No doubt animals have emotions, but sure they have drives - Need body and need of the soulmindStoics - Stoic control over emotions so not really have them so dont control how u act - So if monk practice a lot not to have any needs so emotions disappear - Emotions are bad things things make us do bad stuff always say control ur emotions - Spinoza one stoic new idea of what god is kicked out of temple excommunicated not done in Judaism not beleved in god as old white guy but physics of the universe no other spirit - He argued we are part of god bc part of universe and use logic no emotion, god is perfect anything god does is right so when bad things happen not as bad because they are as supposed to and the workings of the universe and practice it be happy - Two perspectives of this, one dies and comforts u says god has a purpose so he says randomness it just is - Shit happens and limits how badly u think something is so thats what he tried to practive - Not wishing the world be different but see the world as it is - Rationale perspective emotion is source of trouble in our lives - Not hedonism not say try to fill up urslef with all of lifes pleasures - Says best way to be happy is knowing (ie be a philiopsher Scientific study of emtoins - How study m
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