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26:11:12 LECTURE #10

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Walid Saleh

RLG100 WORLD RELIGIONS  Quraysh means shark  Qur’an means recitation  People in the tribes used to commit suicide because they couldn’t afford to live but Muhammad established a new way of life, Sunnah  Qur’an changed the pagan Arabia into a monotheist world  Radical redefinition of life, life has meaning etc etc  Salvation religions: our lives have meaning, we can be saved etc  Theo-centric view of existence: Humanity depends on God, rebelliousness has to be vanquished, no heroism etc.  Islam means Submission  Man has to live in fear of the lord.  Death has a meaning, world defined by morality  People are judged by their deeds  You are no longer judged by your ancestors, just you and you alone  It is possible to save if you live a good honest life, God will reward you with heavenly immortality  Aims of Mohammed o Convert Arabs from Paganism to Monotheism (In the Jewish tradition) o Establish a polity which is able to protect this new tape with the intention of establishing a new central government in all of Arabia o Peace based on this new faith, everyone is a brother  Conquers Mecca 630  632 He is the “master” of Arabia  Significance of the life of Mohammed (according to Muslims) o Perfect model. Honourable pious life o Ultimate source of inspiration o Don’t worship Mohammed they venerate him. o Night Journey LOOK UP o Mohammed has such a standing with God that he can intercede with God for forgiveness for
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