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Sol Goldberg

January 8 13The termoriginally formed by Wilhelm Marrto combat the Jews from seeping into the German raceMarr thought of Jews primarily in biological terms as a race not as a people who identified with a religionMeant to replace the older term JewHatredThus the Jewish problem could not be solved from conversionThis is why he chose the term antiSemitismthey were seen as posing a social problem This social problem is not what Marr identified it was positive in the beginningpositive solution to the Jewish problemnow the problem is antiSemitismAntiSemitism is seen as a latent psychological attitudewhat is going on in the hearts of the peopleDifferent from an ideologyThe term today is used to chastise the people for their behaviorThis term designates the Jews but in terms of semantics it encompasses more of a groupJanuary 15 13Violence discrimination etc against Jewsnot the question of what but what they have to do with each otherIs there a relation or a connection between all these types of persecutionWhat is antiSemitismopposition towards JewsWhen it first occurredWhy it first occurredUnder what conditions does it occurIntensional definition differs from an existential definitionNature of the term itselfpolitically charged termAntiSemiteparanoia of persecutionPart of this tendency is a product which happens in the wake of the Holocausta situation which was already there but blown upThis brings another problemthey would make the association that Nazis are the worst antiSemiteThere were Nazis who were not antiSemites and there were people who were not Nazis who were antiSemitesAnother political problem in the background are our attitudes of cultural distinctivenessideals towards social unitySocialemotional distancingif you presuppose a society where you dont want thisAssumptions about personal vs social responsibility
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