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Lecture 10

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Arti Dhand

RLG100 Lecture 10 Monday, October 7, 2013 Test: approaches to study of religion and Judaism Important Events in Jewish History: The Babylonian Exile -after Moses had led the 12 tribes out of Egypt -recover the land of Canaan through war and violence -722 BCE Assyrian Empire invades Canaan -Northern half of Canaan disappears (had split into 2 kingdoms, Judah and ) -retributive theology: when community is prospering this is a mark of God’s favour and when things are going these are seen as marks of God’s disdain -very traumatic for the Jewish people, had much influence on shaping of Judaism -bulk of Judean population taken captive, marched all the way to Babylonian -stay under dominion of Babylonians for 70 yrs -Jews had structured entire religion around the temple, where worship involved communal sacrifice -whole community is in exile, now have to come up with news ways to show their faiths -evolve ways of continuing worship -period of immense introspection (why have they incurred god’s wrath in such a way) -Synagogue becomes the place for congregational worship study and reflection -became customary to try and recount as many biblical stories as people could -becomes basis for creation of Hebrew Bible -Canon of scripture (bulk of text that can be agreed upon) -being away from God’s promised land leads to a sense of the end of times -writing during this time has sense of Apocalypticism -also a trend towards Messianism -people have a yearning for one special person who will lead the Jews out of captivity and home to their promised land -Messiah will be religious and political leader, someone who can restore kingdom to its past glory -many of the Jews decide to stay in Babylon because they now have roots there -start of Jewish Diaspora -return 516 BCE -Greek world we are seeing the rise of the great philosophers -new ways of thinking about and imagining the world -Greek power on the rise 4 Century BCE: -kingdoms are continually changing, great rivalries and ambitions -lots of murder, infanticide, patricide -Alexander the Great expands the Macedonian empire to amazing lengths -Jews are never independent for very lon
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