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Arti Dhand

RLG Lecture Monday, November 25, 2013 Sharia-Islamic law, the idea of Islamic law, numerous schools (some more conservative, others more liberal) based on what are considered the core sources of law -ideas for constructing principles that are responsive to the basic values of Islam, living in conformity to the will of Allah -business of trying to develop principles for this living to all aspects of life Shia: -disagreements about who should succeed Muhammad after his death, majority thought the 4 Caliphs (Khalid) should succeed him -one group who felt that leadership of Muslim community should stay within the house of Muhammad -his son in law -Imam-> esteemed and revered leader or master, someone who is able to guide the community in a religious/theological way (Sunni side) -Imam-> anointed through his connection with the HoM -eventually split off into other groups based on their recognition of Imams -12er tradition= recognize 12 imams who have descended from line of Muhammad, most populous -end of 8 c., 12 imam goes into hiding -Mahdi->figure of the 12 imam who’s gone into hiding and will reappear at the end of times, ‘Judgement Day’ -redemptive figure who will lead the world into salvation th -really thrived from early inception in the 7 c. up until modern times however began to decline with fall of Ottomans -thanks to powerful dynasties it became associated with -Ottomans -thrives when it receives state patronage/support -18 and 19 c. CE various European st
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