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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

Nov 24 Islam continued Islamic Law Shariah: Created principles that reflect on faith and commitment wit God, Jewish Law and Christianity Law also the same meaning -- premises of establishing the society -- basic principles of faith: behind every religious laws; reflects faith -- establishes a platform Four major school of law 1. hanafi school -- founded by Abu Hanifa -- he lived in the 8 century, son of a Persian slave; -- the most famous jurist of Iraq; -- oldest school of Muslim law; -- became the official school under the Abbasids; -- Egypt, Jorden, Lebnan, Syria; -- famous for its formulation of basic principles of Muslim common will; of muslim states; -- no orginal writing scripts, only -- most wide-spread Sunni legal school Maliki -- leader: Malik Bia Anes -- lived in late 8 century; -- originated from Medina in Saudi Arabia; -- develop the system of the framework; -- degree to which it relies on Hadith; -- degree to which it admit the workopinion of scholars -- ratio of the importance of different elements -- Maliki school tends to be relatively liberal school equal weight to the Sunnah, Quran, allowing import from the community; -- particularly popular in North Africa, Spain; West Africa (Sudan), 3. Shafi school -- Shafi founders; -- one of sharpest, brightest legal mind of his day -- travel widely, good spand of range of practices; -- his work significantly changed the nature and scope of Islamic law; -- advocated an absolute reliance on the Quran and the Sunnah -- more reticent about including other elements such as reasoning of scholars;
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