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RLG100Y1 - Judaism lecture (cont'd)

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Arti Dhand

RLG100Y1 Y thOctober 5 2011 Judaism continued y Babylonian exile Jews taken into captivity for 70 years or so y under Cyrus allowed to return and rebuild temple y nothing really happens until takeover of Alexander the Great y Hellenistic periodGreek influence on Jewish traditions culture o Philo emerged from this time period reconciliation of Jewish traditions and Greek philosophy y as result a lot of Jews living outside Israel lose ability to speak Hebrew y SeptuagintGreek translation of Jewish Bible y because of division various Jewish sects emerge o 1 Samaritansdescendants of northern tribes of Israel what eventually disappeared only regard first 5 books of Bible Torah do not acknowledge books of prophets etc o 2 Essenescloistered group of Jews concerned with pure practices fasting prayer etc discovered Dead Sea Scrolls o 3 Sadduceesupper stratum of Jewish society from priestly families political religious social leadership centre of power was temple interpreted Hebrew Bible literally open to Greek Hellenistic influencenamed children Greek names spoke Greek language Greek philosophy found in study of scripture tried to combine two in
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