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Buddhism 2

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Arti Dhand

Tripitaka the three baskets of Buddhism also known as their canon1 Sutra Pitaka teachings of Buddhas life 2 Vinaya Pitika rules of monastic life 3 Abhidharma elaboration of the sutra pitika The Pali Canon is equal to the Tripitaka and the terms are used interchangeably Above is the section of class I missed but the terms were on the boardEarly Buddhist community The death of the Buddha led the vacuum of society People questioned how to ensure continuity They would recite rules of the monastic community shared memory of orally collected teachings The monks try to pass these teachings down There is inevitable disagreement around the issue of donations from othersThis community survived by begging for food What about other things like clothing gifts etc Questions are raised in council like the status of the Arhant one who has achieved enlightenment following Buddhism There is an assumption people can achieve the same enlightenment as the Buddha but some monks question if it is possible to slide back and if they made the mistake about doctrine Others say it is not possible for everyone to achieve enlightenment The community splits into two sects1 Theravada term scholars use Hinayana orthodox belief they are the oldest of the two Originated in India
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