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Lecture on Islam, November 22nd, November 27th

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Andre Maintenay

November 13 2006 World Religions RLG100 Islam - 1.3 1.4 billion Muslims around the world - 2ndlargest religion - fastest growing religion in the world - Indonesia highest population of Muslims o India 2 , Pakistan 3 , Bangladesh 4 etcth - 600 million Muslims in Canada, mostly in Toronto - ISLAM Arabic word means submissionsurrender the ideal of a person perfecting Islam is that heshe surrenders to god - Traces (lineage) back to Hebrew patriarch ABRAHAM genetic - Ishmael (ISMAIL) = parent of Arabs - Abraham = central figure of Islam view relationship with god as being the (paradine) norm of how all human beings should be with god - Islam recognized the bulk of Jewish and Christian history - sacred book of Islam Quran mentions Jewish prophets o Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad o Special significant = all received revelation from god o Moses occupies more space in the Quran than any other prophet (about 200 times) o Parallel between life of Muhammad and Moses o The Hebrew scriptures are held in very high regard by Muslims o Recognizes Jesus as a prophet and messenger of god world renouncing, wondering prophet with deep compassion willing to suffer for his people Jesus = great prophet Affirms virgin birth of Jesus Denies that Jesus was the son of god Denies the divinity of Jesus (just an advance prophet) - Muhammad final prophet (long line of prophet) drawing on the wisdom that is already prevalent growing on insights of all other prophets LAST prophet (none to come after) direct revelation from god way of being in the world, life example (SUNNAH) model of an ideal Piest life stories about the prophet (life, ideas, thoughts, way of doing thingsnarratives) much of the Muslim law (history) o Affirms mission, ministry of Jesus, Christian scripture o Life example of prophet Muhammad HISTORIC BACKGROUND th - Arabian peninsula Saudi Arabia 7 century CE - before Islam area characterized by various practices JAHILIYAH (foolishness, ignorance, lack of refinement and civilization) - before 7 century CE - worshiped many gods and goddesses virtues of manliness, tribal loyalty, good will, generosity .439,L3094202-0784143084Z3.O,3 97L-0 protection from harm and others - family honours blood feuds lasted from generation to generation men = many wives, no provisions for protecting women or children - fatalism - dismantle tribal loyalty humanitarian bonds common allegiance to god - roots from trading town MECCA flourishing mercantile center point on major trade route, saw a lot of traffic focus of major pilgrimage route ancient structure of KABAH believe that the Kabah was built by Abraham and Ismail before Islam, the shrine = pilgrim image - after Islam Kahbah taken over and dedicated to ONE sacred god today is still big pilgrimage site - cosmopolitan city - Mecca influenced by tribe QURAYSH numerous clans powerful tribe o Muhammad = member of QURAYSH o 570 CE (6 century) father died before he was born and mother died shortly after orphan under care of grandfather after death of grandfather, brought up by uncle o may have accompanied grandfather on caravan journeys
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