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Andre Maintenay

Major historical agent in Christianity: Constantine, early 4 century Wife and mother were converts; whether or not he actually converted is debated, but he was sympathetic towards Christians While Constantines supposed christening is still debated, his mother was baptised. He reversed many of the persecuting laws of Christianity- laws that were discriminatory against Christianity; 313 Edict of Toleration. gave them the freedom to practice their religion and supported them through political patronage, state support, resources. Christianity blossoms. After his death, next emperors supported Constantines decision and Christianity became the state religion, the official religion of Roman Empire. Theodisius was the first to officially do so. Christians personal safety wasnt at risk any more and political gain was to be acquired by becoming Christians. Christianit ywas a way to get ahead politically and socially. Establishment of churches, architecture, symbology, music, rituals, etc. There was also the council of Nicaea and other theological developments within Roman Christianity. RESULT: Christianity spreads rapidly everywhere. The next major event in Christianity occurs with the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5 century. Church provides some stability within the political chaos in Europe. Christianity is divided in two: the Western Latin one which prevails in Europe (Catholic), and the Greek in Constantinople which is the Eastern variety (Orthodox). Within the 5 century, we start to see differences developing that are significant enough that provoke the Schism in 1054. Despite the many different theological centers, Rome gained a bit of weight because of St. Peters martyrdom in the city. The bishop of Rome comes to be known as
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