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Methods for the Study Religion; Presuppositions of the Western Traditions

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Andre Maintenay

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Methods for the Study Religion; Presuppositions of the Western Traditions Reading: Ch. 11 The Nature of Religion, pp. 541-566 September 22 , 2010. Ludwic Feuerbach: Religions are essentially projections of the wishes and needs of humanity Religion is a collective dream or fantasy; an escape from the situation in which we find ourselves ordinarily in the world Ordinarily we see ourselves as helpless, struggling in the world against the challenges of life, and we seek to overcome them through the imagination, and we seek to overcome our worldly problems through the imagination We tend to project outwards an idealized being of kindness and immense power; Somebody who can save us and help us Humanity is not created in the imagine of God, but God is created in the image of idealized humanity People seek in heaven what they cant find on earth and what we find on earth is typically the prosperity in which we desire, and the kind of equality, justice we seek in the world, we go to God for it in some idealized world elsewhere Religion is a kind of wishful thinking During the age of the enlightenment, there was an increasing
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