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Gospel of Luke

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University of Toronto St. George
John K.

November 10th 2010The Gospel of LukeRedactive criticismcomparing Luke with his sources How Luke operates as a writerLuke as an editor like Matthew Luke eliminates Marks poor GreekSteps to eliminate poor redactive style and conjunctions Greek magical papyri Luke may not want to associate Jesus with Greek Magic so he eliminates Eliminates spots where Jesus shows emotionsLuke transfers his emotions to his enemies Luke eliminates foreign words ex Abba from MarkKneeling Luke also eliminates any Greek culture contains a sort of cult ideal of the Body Luke eliminates any notion of selfmutilation that is suggested in Mark cutting off your hand foot plucking out your eye etc Dating the GospelErhman85 ceCorrespondence between Trajan and Pliny the ElderWorry about what happens when a group of people come together to form a club the worry is that that group will become politicalLuke presents Jesus as a sophisticated leader that the Greeks can respect and that his message is not a politically subversive message Pilate examines Jesus and finds nothing wrong with himvery powerful rhetoricallyThe Centurion says Truly this man is innocent rather than in Marks Gospel where
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