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Lec 22 RLG Jan 2312 y Dignambara o Said women cant reach enlightment and they have to go through rebirth and must be rebirth into a man o Maravira was never marriedy Svetambara o Need to wear white clothing y Jain idea of Karma o Its an actually material its dust that settles in one spiritThey think all things in the world have soulsspirits jiva even animals and plantsKarma settles like a dust on the soul and it enhances our ability to seeDesire is what attracts us to karma and creates a bond and it sticks to u y Swasticka is a symbol in the indic religion o Symbol of good things o Commonto see it in ppls houses greeting cards for holidays etcStudents draw one when doing exams for good luck o For the Jainism it describes the main idea of the Jainism religion o The point where they all meet is the point wh
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