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February 25, 13 Daniel Deronda Cont. - Agnostic – but interested in religious debates. - Background – Low Church Anglican (Methodism/Evangelical) – Environment in which she grew up – Bible is the literal word of G-d – filter all beliefs through that principle. - The passion and intensity in the life and death of Jesus. - Didn't know a living Jew until the 1950’s - Read Josephus in 1940’s. - Shaken by Darwinism. - Sealed her off from Christianity all together. - David Friedrich Strauss – The life of Jesus – Secularized humanistic account of Jesus – Marry translated this from German to English. - Judah Halevi – cultural hero of Modern Zionism - Also translated Feuerbach and Spinoza. - - 5 Themes: - 1) Images of Jews – Cursing (Evil eye during the gambling scene) - When G runs out of money she sells her necklace to a pawnbroker (pg 13/14) “G’s dominant regret was that after all she had only nine louis…” – Pawnbrokers are a middle-man – The Jew as middle- man – unproductive. - Deronda (a Jew) is a “redeemer” – he’s a mediating figure between Christianity and Judaism. – He also never renounces Christianity. - Pg. 165 – Meera and Deronda – she tries to commit suicide – rescues her – He redeems it. - Set between 1864 and 1866 - Lapidoth is actually last named Cohen - 183 – Last 10 lines – they are heading back to Germany – someone referring to another as “one of those clever Jews” – Jewish women are seducers of Christian men…etc… - 313 – Meera’s own father mocks Judaism. - The musician – Klesmer – Jew – Music identified with Jews – Working in the circles of upper crust English Society but very different from them. - 206 – things about him ^ and others. - Elijah Klesmer – Wandering Jew. – Comes from Middle Ages – Fable – When Jesus was being crucified a Jew mocked him and G-d cursed him to wander eternally. - He’s a man of the world – ruthless – also figure of fear – relates to Jews under Feudal Europe. - 175 – 177 – Deronda’s first extended thought on Jews and Judaism. - Something about Meera is attractive to him – they both lost their mothers and search for her – If you don't have a mother then what identity do you have?
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