RLG100Y1 Lecture Notes - Torture Chamber, Inquisitorial System, Gangrene

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23 Jan 2013
- November 15, 2012
- Temple Anneke
- Witchcraft trial in Germany
- Why do we want to know about legal procedures during the time of
the witch trials
- Legal procedures themselves have influenced the witch crazes
- Legal procedures may have influenced the witch trials make them
spread farther
- 2 general reasons procedures in this period of time tended to
spread ideas about learned elites into the general population about
- Lower class charges malificium and sorcery
- The convictions included diabolical witchcraft.
- Included ideas of
- Demonic involvement
- Witches sabbat
- Etc…
- She was accused of divination, (misuse of) medical magic, and
- Didn't accuse her of making a pact with the devil
- Some witnesses said they saw her having sex with the devil
- Convicted of diabolical witchcraft and sentenced to death.
- Public event in which the charges would be read out loud to the
- Exposed to the learned ideas of diabolical witchcraft
- The courts are linking these ideas to common sorcery.
- Evoking fear to villagers
- Second Reason: the procedures themselves generate and multiply
- ^Did not happen in Temple A
- Links between accusations, confession, torture and sentencing.
- Learned ideas about witchcraft a collaborative activity
- The defendant is not only asked to confess to certain crimes
- And asked to name her collaborators ********
- If the defendant refuses to confess freely
- Then under threat of torture
- They demonstrate what they will do to her if she doesn't confess
- If the defendant refuses to confess
- Then they decide to allow torture for a confession
- The guilty party is removed after the confession is extracted.
- (ex Hexen Haus Witch house)
- The guilty party is removed from the torture room
- Then the full confession away from the torture chamber final
confirmation of guilt
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