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RLG100Y1 Lecture Notes - Kaaba, Quasi, Arab Jews

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Walid Saleh

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Arabia Contd.
Difficult to invade because it is so dry / lack of water
Mecca is a cultic/pilgrimage centre
Mecca was centred around the Kaaba (cube)
Quraysh was a tribe in Mecca that looked after it, they were fiercely
respected because they were Quasi warriors
They thought their kids horseback riding and archery
Tribal society had no government etc, had “freedom”
Arabian Ode in L= poetry
Fate, Honour etc.
The tribes did not believe in the afterlife
Born around 570 in Mecca in the tribe Quraysh
Orphan of both parents, taken care of by his uncle
Gentile poverty
Gets employed by a wealthy widow who has her eyes on him
She sends her maid to Mohammed and asks him if he would marry her
He goes with his uncle who says “Don’t hit it on the nose”
He marries her but he is unhappy and broods in the mountains
At the age of 40 he has his first prophetic experience
His first vision was a cosmic one, he saw a being the was occupying the
horizon and it pressed itself on him,
He said of this experience that he felt like he was ordered to recite
His first revelation
He rushes back to his wife, Khadija, all sweaty and unsettled
Khadija says her uncle is a holy man so they go to him, and he says, “If you’re
telling me the truth, then the Nomos (law in Greek, Torah) has descended
upon you.”
Muhammad becomes a gentile (non-Jew and non-Christian by that time)
His early message:
o Of one God
o Repentance/Conversion
o Chastisement
His tribe didn’t believe him when he told them they were in danger if they
did not convert
o Judgement Day
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