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Readings: hertz and Aires
Mortuary practices are all about normative traditions
People learn about death and its practices through various institution such as
family, the church, school etc.
Hertz says that death does not occur in a single moment
Aires says being dead has to do with what it means to be a person
Death is just the fate of the individual
When someone dies the do not disappear they lead a diminished life
They live on in peoples memories and they still have status in their community
Its is not complete eradication but their presence is diminished
Airies says that when someone dies they status is merely shifted
Hertz says death is a terrifying anxiety causing event that we have to control over
The worst types of deaths are accidental, unexpected death
There is no closure, time to say goodbye, time for reflection
Rituals are actions that help to give identity and meaning/explanations
Rituals are sometimes meant to ward off evil
Rituals helps to console a dead persons living family and friends
The concept of embodiment plays a huge part in death according to hertz
People embody the social norms of our times (how does a woman know to be a
Rituals of death change over time, from medieval times until now there has been a
big change
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