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Philip Goodman

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Reading: Bynum Jan 7, 2011-01-27
Bynum is a medievalist
Resurrection goes back way before medieval times
Resurrection is the concept that we will die and on judgement day be brought back to
life in a bodily form
Resurrection begins with Jews the book of enoch
Jews first idea was that people die at go to an underworld place, shol, and some go
straight up to heaven
What does personal continuity have to do with dying and ones body
In two Maccabeus, resurrection is mentioned, the Maccabeus are willing to die
because they will be resurrected, willing to die in a noble way
Christians believe that if Christ has been raises, then the dead will also
The question comes up, how are the dead raised, what bodily form?
What exactly comes back?
Bynum says that resurrection is both philosophical but also very technical when it
comes to resurrection
What bodily form, depending on different circumstances
medicalization of the cell scientific revelation directed at humans
When does science become necessary o give birth
Are people in vegetative states alive?
The main questions are where does life begin and when does it end
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