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RSM100Y1: Lecture 2

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Rotman Commerce
John Oesch

Agenda for today 1 Highlights from last week 2 Intro to the role of ethics in business 3 ExampleFacts Queens Case y Queens received a 1 Million gift from David Radler to help finance their new business School y David Radler worked for Conrad Blackhelp orchest the fraud by Conrad Black y Radler pleaded guiltygot sentenced and fined Hollinger case y Returned the money and no plaque y What will they have done if it was more money y Where are they going to get the money y Is it right decision y Alternatives y What if it was a hospital y Depends on the code of ethics y What if it was 50 million y Thought about the future donationdid not want entrepreneurs to think twice before donatingdid not want to associate themselves with criminal y What would you doEthics the discipline dealing with what is good or bad and the moral duty and oblig
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