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Karen Ing

Env 200 mar 12 lec 14  Extinction o Death of a life form o Natural event o Fate of all species o 99% of all previous species are extinct o Currently accelerated by human activities  100-1000 times natural rate  Se fig 7.6 p 209  Species at risk o Extinct: no longer present anywhere o Extirpated species: no longer present in wild o Endangered species  Facing imminent extinction o Threatened species  High probability of becoming endangered o Special concern  Not in serious danger, but sensitive to human activities o Genetic variability severely diminished  Human-caused reductions in biodiversity o Increasing wealth (based on exploiting the env) is generating demands on the env that cannot continue to be met o In the poorer regions of the world poverty forces ppl to adopt subsistence living (ex: deforestation and overgrazing) that destroys critical habitat for other species  Human causes of species endangerment o Habitat loss o Pollution o Overexploitation o Invasive species  Habitat loss o Largest threat to species o Destruction, fragmentation, degradation  As we fragment habitat, we leave small islands of undisturbed habitats in a sea of disturbance  Mac Arthur and Wilson’s Theory of Island Biogeography o 1. Distant islands support fewer species than near shore islands (distance effect) o 2. Larger islands support more than species than small islands o 3. Larger islands have lower extinction rates  Pollution o Acid precipitation o Ozone depletion o Climate change o Direct/indirect poisoning o Altered habitat from chemicals  Overexploitation o Hunting and fishing  Over harvesting of game species  American passenger pigeon  American bison  Whales  Atlantic cod o Endangered species consumption ex: whales sharks dolphins chimps (bush meat) o Commercial harvest  Zoos, laboratories, pet stores  Many die in transit, including plants, wildlife smuggling etc  Predator and pest control o Many animal pop have been greatly reduced or exterminated b.c they’re regarded as dangerous to humans or livestock  Birds, coyotes, wolves,
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