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Lec 11: Oct 25  Energy as an issue direct link betwn economic growth and availability of inexpensive energy  Industrial revolution progress increases energy consumption increase economic growth increase prosperity  Increased co2 into atmosphere  Converting energy into useful products can lead ot waste ex: how 1/3 of coal into electricity and the subsequent losses in transmission of electricity to consumers  Primary energy energy as its first produced  Secondary energy produced by processing primary energy; such as electricity produced from coal and gasoiline from crude oil=identifies 4 products that are high efficieny performers in their category  Energy star  Impacts of growing demand of energy env greenhouse gases, smog pollutants, ecosystem transformation (ex: mining, industrialization) Energy security reliability- able to access energy they require, when they require it  resilience-ability of system to cope with shocks and changes like strikes economic and social rising energy demand, rising prices, new opportunities; supply/demand  1 law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy) energy is neither created nor destroyed when we use energy it doesn’t disappear. We change it from one form of energy into another energy changes form but the total amount of energy in the universe stays the same  Energy sources: non renewable: resources that r consumed at a greater rate that can be replenished and often also finite; ex: fossil fuels, nuclear renewable: energies that are generated from resources that are naturally replenished; ex: sunlight, wind, water, tides  Net useful Energy usable amount of energy available f
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