SLA103 Lecture One

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Slavic Languages and Literatures
Veronika Ambros

King James Bible Psalm 13916 Thine eyes did see my substance substancegolmeHebrew for golem Yet being unperfect And in thy book all my members were written Which in continuance were fashioned When as yet there was none of themfirst mention of golemsartificial human beings notion of robots came from the creation of golemsy The Czech emperor Rudolf II 15831612painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo as Vertumnus Roman God of the seasonsmysticism and science are becoming more popular throughout Europe y Rabbi Loewvery important Rabbi in Pragues Jewish community y Jacob Grimm 17851863one of the famous Brothers Grimmbegan the venture of putting the golem into literaturewrote of a golem created by Polish Jews in Journal for Hermits in 1808 this golem was the first that had a purpose servant not allowed to leave the house and was unable to speakdescribes the requirements for the creation of golem as unspecificcertain prayers
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