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SOC312H1 Lecture Notes - Infant Mortality, Population Health, Life Table

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Brent Berry

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Chapter 7: Mortality and Population Health
Determinants of Population Health
Aggregate-level and individual-level observations of mortality and health
o Aggregate means of various individual measures
Population health perspective
o Fig 7.1 Framework
o Measures that we use:
Life expectancy (for all live births Eo), infant mortality rates
o The arrows there are feedbacks (correlation of all factors)
People are more likely to engage in health enhancing activities
Demographic and sociological dimensions of mortality
The Life Table
Important for insurances calculate risk for you developing a disease or
Health transition theory improvements in health and life expectancy (p 276) to
several major factors (improvements in environment, work, societal factors,
stratification and equality, institutional household factors)
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