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30 Mar 2012
SOC312 MARCH 28, 2012
Mortality plays a big role in population change and over the years mortality has change makor cause one
is aids and is still ocruing in subsahran Africa. Health programs need to look at broder spciet
32.6, 31,5,
Exaplantions of migration
- Ravenstiens is a little dated not reflect current migration
- Box p345 does pay to migrate, out migration in Canada
- Zelinskys mobility transition,
- Figure 8.2, changing levels of mobility through time
- Idea of circulation any form of territorial movement of one night away from home but not
permanent change in residence and absorbing some of the demand for migration
Typological models of migration
- Scientist create typology efforts to top of demo
- Migration to selection of factors deemed relevenat to study it
- Provides structure and organization
- Sets of factors into heroacrch into order they describe,
- Petersens typ forces that trigger migration and states of minds of potential migrants, inovanting
to improve ses and conservative to esacape source of bad to individual like war
- Arrived at it by looking inn and conserving motive realted to 3 factors
- Table 8.5
- Columns general on left and middle consdervative and innovated on right
- Top bottom Is type of interaction
- Challegnges in natural world like potatoe famine but by other factors
- Could be ecological push
- Primitive etc
- Broke down into different components
- Primitive class such as wondering nomads early society, greener pastors
- More advanced society broader range of explanations,
- State has influence state policy whether contributuign to fleeing or siplacement
- Conservative motive s and innovating motives
- Man and collective norm s
- Males but then females
- Contemparoy such as work visas
- But he doesn’t account for long or short distances
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- Internal vs external boundaries some weaknesses in his typology not include time distance and
Spatial models
- Consider space and time more
- Distance plays a major role , often is a deterent
- Distance gravity model
- Notion different places in geographical system have different gravitational pull for immigrants,
further distance less gravity not perfect analogy
- Sir issac newton have derived equations how much migration given distance and releative pop
such as zipp, looked at gross migration 2 places p1 and p2 and d,
- This model says in words the volume of migration is function
- Diifernttial force is population size and d is distance
- Other efforts
- Stouffer, not distance per se but most important but oppurtuinity, people moving is
poroprtional number of opp at place and inverse of something
- Adds oppuritnity to gravity model
- What evidence in canda validity of these miodels consistent of basic potualets of zipp and
stuoffer, distance and intervening opp model
- Majority candaian not reloact and those do remain in same municpapoty therefore distance is a
- Supporting model places largest attract most internal and interbnational migrants
- Further tests consider interurban
- Toronto Vancouver largwest metro and attract most internal and internaltion migrants and
correlation of pop size and migration
- Rational actor model ,
- Most models is macro orientated not looking at individuals, structure characteristics to infer pop
- Models implicitty suggests indi making descisions cost benefit analysis of information available
to them
- Cost benefit of own indiviaul, called utility
- Lees model
- More geneal rational actor descinso move on long term ben and cost can be both material and
- Table 8.7 key values of rational, income, comfort, afilation, easier lifestyke, heatlh etc, very
broad values
- Place utility theory, adavanetages anticipated and place, actors of enough info to anticaipte,
assign some probability to achive these things but often work with incomplete info not
transperancy a lot of people don’t act rationally follow bc of marketing
- Desciniosn humans not always rational,
- Lees theory rule on strcutrue factors pushing and pulling individuals to migrate, high
unemployement is push, friends in area is a pull
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