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Lecture 4

SOC365H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Sex Assignment, Gender Binary, Polysexuality

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Adam Green

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SOC365 Lecture 4 Jan 9 - Transgender
broad umbrella category; phenomenon occurs when individual sex assignment doesn't
match with gender identity
if there's a complete match between gender role & sex assignment then it's called
Cisgender; concept in contrast to transgender;
self-attribution or subjective attribution versus external attribution
external attribution - their gender identity doesn't match up with sex assignment
subjective/self attribution - when one identifies themselves as transgender
Transgender Phenomenon
1. Intersexed
Ferm, Herm
2. Transsexual
someone who wishes to be the opposite sex from which they were born
FTM - born female but wants to transition to male
MTF - born male but wants to transition to female
we use pronoun of the gender one wants to become
we rely on self-attribution to define our gender
transexual is reiiterating a binary conceptual of gender; some people believe that
it is the system's problem and they if they identify with a different gender than
their sex then it should be that way;
transitioning to another sex conforms to the institutional binary system which
makes it normal again
3. Trans Feminine
born male who identifies as female but not all the way
trans feminine person is comfortable with some kind of gender ambiguity and
doesn't necessarily want to be seem as a female
4. Trans Masculine
born female but leans more towards male side but not all the way
he will not necessarily que as thoroughly male
5. Polysexual, Gender Queer
resist binary altogether, in essence say their identification of their gender can't be
mapped on to male or female
6. Cross-Dressing
disjunct between sex assignment & gender role
born male who identifies as a male but who enjoys cross-dressing; they can be
Why transsexual might be challenging the sexual binary system but also reinforcing it?
Revolutionary act & exploding the binary categories
When gender identity doesn't match the born sex assignment
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