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Lecture 5

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Monica Boyd

Soc 383 Lecture5 Economic development, migration and modern globalization Features of economic globalization today that impact migration structural adjustment programme SAP: What is structural adjustment -see handouts  Improvement in productivity means more goods to be sold, financial flows through multinational coop. Who really knows the place for cheap labor-Japan in  60s then moved elsewhere e.g. Caribbean basin-Dominican Republic, china,  Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, now.  The structural adjustment program (SAP) means end of livelihood for many, who willing to work for low wages; workers compete each other with Lower wage.  Profit line of multinational firms are fundamentally defined by low wage, Which gives them more profits and also give them market advantage, e.g. Clothing is highly competitive, if u can sell things cheaply and u can dominate the market  Sap program is relating to way how globalization filter populationand gets ppl to  migrate  Loans are not simply give out, if money given to govt of corruption, money ends up in hands of elite, not for building infrastructure, not helping poors,  Loan is important source to get country started if u don't have a corrupt govt. so world bank insist to be repaid, insist on conditions to follow and they intend to  Open market, seen as capitalism  Want max profit and money return , criticism on world bank of its capitalis acts. Govt be measured about what they spend on social infra, e.g. Hospital, schools...b/c these are often symbolic SAP programs &economic development often produce 3outcomes: 1. Export -oriented agriculture(loss of transitional livelihood), ppl can't get jobs anymore, to shift agriculture from subsistence agriculture to export agriculture, e.g. potato/rice plantation shift to coffee plantation, may have been small industry bit when money come in, large plantation bought, new tech come in, farmers being displaced bc there land taken, 2. Feminization of manufacturing(maquiladoras) even man maybe displaced in traditional livelihood, the result is that the manufacturing factory includes toy, cloth, computer parts manufacturing, but women's are preferred in these manufacturing bc they are easier to intimated to get max production, work even cheaper and can perform better with higher responsibility. Used to obey and won't unionize. Women are becoming main bread winner in the family. Wome are disposable, I.e. in computer manufacturing factory,they rotate their labour force entirely each 4yrs, Bc their eyes tired out . And fresh labour supply coming in-easier to be disposable worker 3. Migration for survival (individual) or under state auspices for remittances ◦ Remittances-to give back, to send partial of salary back, often transnational e.g. Philippines, so export Nannys bc they r not producing enough money to pay back debt Understanding Saskia Sassan Impact of Economic globalization 1. shrinking opportunity for male employ 2. Shrinking opportunity for more transitional for of profit making 3. Fall in govt revenue Result:counter geography of globalization, ferminization of survival • Trends that are not often included within discussion of globalization despite being directly or indirectly linked to its associated effected- we are ignoring women completely in this process of migration flow and women need to be paid attention • Unintended use of infra that facilitate the flow of information, capital and People Globalization connected to modern slavery The transformation of slavery is another example of globalization process 2ways, goods produced by slavery mostly. LEDCs exported to MEDC Defn: complete control of person for economic exploitation by the threat of violence Relation between trafficking and Smuggling What is trafficking? Trafficking vs smuggling Smuggling: "procurement"in order to obtain directly or indirectly , a financial or other material benefit of the illegal entry of a person into a state" - bring in p
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