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Lecture 9

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Monica Boyd

Lec 9- Women migrating as spouses or for the purposes of marriages 69% Women entered Canada as married btw1980-2010, 58% men 3 administrative classes of immigration to Canada  Family reunification  Economic contribution  Refugee Visa is only good for ppl to enter within one year, but takes time to settle so family follow later (apply for visa later )and come to rejoin family - Man goes, women follows, Spouse: married sponsor and marriages is legally valid, can include same sex partner if marriage was legally recognized CL common law relationship : have been living together in a conjugal relationships for at least one yr, in a continuous 12 month period Conjugal partner: refers to ppl in exceptional circumstances beyond their control that can't qualify as spouse or cl, have been prevented from marriage or living together bc of immigration Barriers, marital status, sex orientation Spouse, cl, or conjugal partner can be • outside Canada • Inside Canada, if living with you and has legal temp status as fiancé, fiancée if marryin 90days after arriving - ppl recognized as spouse, CL and conjugal partner Can apply for permanent residence in Canada - Admitting ppl into Canada must ensure that those dependent ones has sb to take care of them, or if they are stable...suitability, ensure legally they are not strains in state- results from ppl who help them in but refusing taking care of them Sponsorship: - That sponsored person is entering in the family class (direct relatives e.g. Parents, Spouse) - Sponsor is legally responsible for family members -formally agrees to provide for sponsored persons essential needs, food, clothing o Not all ppl can sponsor even if they have close family inside or outside canada, o you need to show Canadian govt that you have enough financial ability to support and sponsor the need of the sponsored person within Canada Financial capacity is assessed, family members must be above LICO or poverty line In2011, required household income with 1person 22229 2persons 27674 3persons 34022 ... Women traditionally earn less than men, if in Sponsorship, agrees to provide for - 3yrs If the sponsored person is a spouse, cl or conjugal partner - Dependent up to 10 yrs but ends at age 25 - All others, 10 yrs Past sponsorship also an issue; in order to prevent marriage fraud, as of October 2012, one cannot sponsor a new spouse within five years of sponsoring an earlier one; defaulting on a sponsorship agreement also can mean that one is not allowed to sponsor again Sponsorship form Basic requirement include:  Food, shelter, shooting , fuel, utilities, household (I reading)  Sponsor promises that financial obligation will not prevent him/her for honoring the sponsorship agreements  Sponsor must be able to support his/her family, him/her self and sponsored person The cost if bring you here: Costs of sponsoring a spouse, 2dependent children Sponsor fee $75 Pl $475 2kids $300 Costs for the right of pr fee= $490 Total $1340 Sponsor fees Must pay right of permanent residence fee $490 for principal applicant or accompanying The cost of bring you here, plus transportation cost, Www. From New Delhi, India, jan12,2013 Airline fair: 1adult , 2kids aged 8-10=$2568 plus bags Philippines :jan2013 1adult one way = $1011 Also need medical examination, transportation back and forth to immigration office.,. ‘I own you’ Sponsor debt - Is a family behavior pattern where a husband and his family emphasize that a sponsored wife owes them (see reading), owe them domestic labour, salary, cooking and cleaning - Sponsor debt comes out an asymmetric power, as mail order bride increasing from Philippine, the issues of I own you and sponsorship fee ....patriarchy, system of rights, entitlement, in which the oldest male is in charge, the patriarch has ruling authority not only over women also younger men. India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are increasingly the source of sponsored immigrants. - Sponsor debt is less likely to happen when couple is well educated particularly women is well-educated, when women speaks English; research suggest when men engage in mail bride research, generally want a not- westernized women who emphasize family values so choose less educated wife to whom impose patriarchy power easier. Consequences: Reading (on south East Asian with tremendous emphasis on family value, family royalty, older ones in charge, family solidarity extremely important and conceptual family relationships that gives asymmetric power of patriarchy , family central): potential for abuse, control, violence is high, Why the potential exists? Migration has stressors associate with it, difficulty to just pick up and move, leave all you own and all you archived behind, naive of migration is widespread as they think they can find a job easily b/c they do well in home country, but disconnect happens e.g. Ppl with phd degree drives taxi, Often involves the reconfiguration of family, when in home country h
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