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Adam Green

Political Economy  The root cause of tension between different racial and ethnic groups is the structure of the labour market and the struggle for material resources in a capitalistic economy  Focuses on class analysis- how class interests and class conflicts explain group relations  Employers exploit the situations to pit subgroups of workers against each other, both to lower average wages and to deflect resentment against the slumps in the labour market.  Need immigration to keep the economy with a declining population  BUT with globalization Canada can no longer afford to have raciest attitudes because having a diverse nation will help with international trade  Most immigrants today are actually highly educated but when the come here their credentials are devalued  PE predicts that the prevailing cultural values of a society, enforced by the economy and elite, will be those that support the economically privileged class  Screen out minority applicants some times will be accused of getting the job because of affirmative action but these attitudes are not necessarily socialized views they come from class relations of capitalism Social Constructionist  Focuses attention on process of ethnicization and racialization- the process through which people come to identify themselves and others with ethnic/ racial labels  Fixed and enforced in socialization’  ETHNIC LEADERS  represents community in national politics, and despite internal conflicts they need to project a sense of unity to non-members to make the impression of a community  ETHNIC COMMUNITIES categorization of people alone lines of race and ethni
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