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Socialization Topics: Darwin, Sociobiology, Habitus

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Adam Green

Lecture Socialization feral childhuman child who has lived without human contact from a very young ageExample Oxana was neglected by her parents and grew up with dogs people assume men have more sexual partners than women Darwins Evolutionary Theory1The characteristics of members of each species vary widely2Species members with more adaptive characteristics are more likely to survive until reproduction3Therefore the species characteristics that endure are those that increase the survival chances of the speciesThe Logic of Sociobiology1Identify a supposedly universal form of human behaviour2Make up a story about why this behavior increases survival chances3Assert that the behavior in question cannot be changedmale promiscuity is encouraged in society thought to be coolfemale promiscuity is looked down on in a negative way Hunger is even mediated by culture in terms ofhow much we eat why we eat and how we feel about having food in our bodySocializing Agents schools family peer groups media and technologynd 2 generation foreigners have no accent because some agents take over ot
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