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Robert Brym

Sociology Lecture 4; Socialization Enfant sauvage! Le film: feral children Ex: Oxana : fille qui habitait avec des chiens, puis après avoir ete decouverte  socialization avec des etres humains Socialization: process of learning culture and becoming aware of yourself as you interact with others. We have vocal chords, opposable thumbs…. So Biology is important to observe socialization = sociobiology Men : more sexual partners than women (something to do with genes) : more likely to cheat on, and want more sexual partners than women. Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory -the characteristics of members of each species vary widely. -species members with more adaptive characteristics are more likely to survive until reproduction -Therefore, the species characteristics that endure are those that increase the survival chances of the species. The most anxious are the ones that will most likely live, because of humans: sounds so run away, anxious to cross streets…  the fittest : most likely to survive increase of creating more of this species by reproduction. Women’s desire for one mate, and men’s desire for many mates  survival of the fittest, in the genes. (Unconscious) Can’t change genetic characteristic just by thinking, need to make a genetic manipulation. Institution of man: moral: a genetic characteristic that has been changed Gender socialization: male learned to use masculinity in promiscuous behavior: stud Women: if so; called slut. Social mediation: Eating, we associate Hunger to something biologically based. Hunger  culture eating Culture : how we interpret our hunger Women: associate hunger with guilt, revulsion  perfect imag
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