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University of Toronto St. George
Andrew Mc Kinnon

University of Toronto Scarborough SOCB54H3F – Sociology of Work and Industry 1 Fall 2013 Syllabus Instructor: Julian Tanner Office: MW314 Office Hours: Tuesdays 2 – 3 PM; Thursdays 3 – 4PM; or by appointment Phone: (416) 287-7293 This course (Prerequisite: successful completion of both SOCAO1H and SOCA02H, or SOCA01Y) is an introductory examination of the nature of work and people’s occupational roles and behaviour in modern industrial settings. Students will be exposed to some of the major concepts, theories and empirical research in the sociology of work and industry. Topics will include: young people and the labour market; women and work; race and ethnicity in the workplace and the professions. REQUIRED READINGS Harvey Krahn, Graham Lowe and Karen Hughes, Work, Industry and Canadian Society (6 edition). Chapters 1,2,3,4. The following articles available through the University of Toronto library system: Tracey Adams,2010.Professions:A useful concept for Sociological Analysis? Canadian Review of Sociology 47(1):49-70 Maria Adamuti-Trache, Paul Anisef and Robert Sweet .The Impact of Canadian Post Secondary Education on the Occupational Prestige of highly educated Immigrants. Canadian Review of Sociology, 50(2) (may2013) Erin Demaiter and Tracy Adams. 2009 “ ‘I never had a problem with the male– female thing until….’Women in IA organizations.” Canadian Journal of Sociology, 34 (1): 29 – 51. Wolfgang Lehmann,2005.Choosing to labour:Structure and Agency in School-Work transitions .Canadian Journal of Sociology.30(3):325-350 Sally Lindsay. Gendering Work: The masculinization of Nurse Anesthesia. Canadian Journal of Sociology volume32,no4 2007 Jeylan Mortimer, Changing Experiences of Work,20009 ASSIGNMENTS Mid-Term Examination (30%) Based on multiple-choice and matching questions. Written in-class on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1. Students unable to write the mid-term examination at the scheduled time must inform the instructor BEFORE it is conducted, and subsequently provide documented reasons (e.g. signed doctor’s note) why they were unable to write the mid-term at the scheduled time. If a make-up test is required, only one time will be scheduled. Short-term paper (35%) The paper is to be 5 pages long and double-spaced. Due in-class on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29. Further details about the paper will be given in class. No extensions will be granted except for medical or similarly exceptional reasons. Papers should be handed in to me personally DURING CLASS TIME. HORRIFIC PENALTIES FOR LATE PAPERS: The late submission penalty is 0.5 per cent of the OVERALL COURE GRADE for each day lat
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