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Robert Brym

Lecture 9 – Gender November 20 , 2013 People continually distinguish between males and females and evaluate them differently Neurological and cognitive studies - Boys and girls are not identical at birth o Genetic and hormonal differences do launch males and females down somewhat different development paths - Most sex differences start our small Brain plasticity - A concept used by neurologists to explain why experience (i.e. learning) regularly changes - Your brain is what you do with it o We are the kind of interactions we have and the influence of others that surround us ad are exposed to o Who we are is a product of our experiences - Every task you spend time on reinforces active brain circuits at the expense of other inactive ones Sex vs. gender - Often used interchangeably - Sociologists use the terms sex and gender to distinguish biological sex identity from learned gender roles - A person is born male or female (or some combination) but becoming a mean or a woman is the result of social and cultural expectations that patterns men’s and women’s behaviour, attitudes, and physical appearance - You sex o Depends on whether you were born with male or female genitals and genetic program that released male or female hormones to stimulate development of your reproductive system - Gender - Refers to culturally and socially constructed differences between females and males found in the meanings and … Transgender and transsexual (category breaking) Gender identity - A person’s perception of themselves, identifying themselves Born with small differences and these differences amplified when contextualized Gender socialization - Parental: now encouraging girls to play with “boy toys” but boys are being discouraged to play with “girl toys”, through physical context (i.e. hugging) develop different levels of comfort with physical contact - Mass media: develop cultural ideals through popular cultural mediums Lecture 9 – Gender November 20 , 2013 Bechdel test **DOES CASABLANCA PASS THIS TEST - A standard to apply to pop cultural (specifically movies) - Sets the bar low Sex and Gender: Through Prism of Difference - Gender is more complicated than
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