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Christian O.Caron

SOC101- Last Lecture/Review Sociology: studying the “social”; has enabling and constraining impacts on individuals and how individuals impact society through social movements. Sociological perspectives: functionalism (role, function, purpose); conflict (inequality, power, who benefits); interpretive (meaning, construction of meaning); feminist (interrogating categories). Sociological imagination: a sociological vision; way of looking at the world that allows links between the apparently private problems of the individual and important social issues. •Compass: helping to show places and ideas you might not have known about; “did you know that...?” •Lenses: helping to look at things you may already have been familiar with but from multiple, various and new perspectives; “had you looked at it this way?” •Snowflake: not anti-individual but shows uniqueness of individuals as enabled and constrained by “the social”; “we are unique!” Why Sociology? - ability to view our own society as an outsider rather than only from perspective of personal experiences and cultural biases - involves critical thinking and questioning what otherwise may simply be taken for granted or “natural” - empowering tool; allows us to look beyond a limited understanding of human behaviour -
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