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March 16- Lecture Note

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University of Toronto St. George
Candace K.

March 16, 2010: Deviance and Control Pick up essay: starting tomorrow StigmaErving Goffmanhe wrote this book called Stigma in 1963, it is highlighted in assigned reading. He also wrote another book about asylums. He argues that in the term stigmahas two elements: the actual experience and the potential experience. Discredited individualdiscovered out of the box, eg. Tiger woods, john Edwards, etc.their differences are known about. Individuals who have deep dark secrets nobody knows about are discreditable individuals. He argues that 3 different type of stigma exists: 1) abominations of your bodyphysical deformities of any kind. 2) blemishes of individual characterdiscredited or non discreditable type eg. Mental illness, imprisonment, addiction, alcoholism, and unemployment. 3) Tribal Stigmarace, nationality, and religion. In all of these cases, he possess a stigma, of what he had anticipated. One his having AIDS, and the other is cancannot be visible depending on the stage of disease. And one is exotic dancers. What happens to individuals when they acquire a criminal record, their possibility of overcoming the stigma. Labelling theory: Edward Lemert who came out with primary and secondary deviance. He remembers the difference between these two theories. Primary Deviance: All the deviant actions that youve done that no one has detected. Secondary Deviance: involves serious labeling of an individual, secondary deviance is really what GOFFMANN is talking about. The condemnation or punishment is so serious, those reacting to the violators as a different person. The actor himself will start changing his identity based on that. Great example of this in our reading in the exotic dancer. Eg. What was it????One of the stripper says after a while she just took on a roleshe started wearing everything that shows her body, she thought she was an object of sex. Secondary deviance allows you to explore the full range of normative violations. It is how those violations and peoples reaction in the behaviour.
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