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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Jan 16th 2012 SOC358H1 Professor Lee

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Tara Lee

Howard S Becker famous sociologist his views at the time were widely different from the common view at the timeBy looking at the career or the unfolding process to get to a point they note the meaning of becoming a doctor change as they go through medical school The students lose the idealism of helping people and they focus on the practical daytoday things they must do in medical school book called Boys in WhiteThe meanings of any activity is not static it shifts and evolves as the persons situation changesThe concept of career forces one to think about processArt Worlds whenever we talk about famous artists musicians painters we often create these myths about the lone individual genius whos remarkable talents and skills allow him to rise to popularity Becker talks about collective activity challenges this idea He says that we should look at the larger network of relationships the person is in We should study the supporting cast around the person Later in his life Becker focused on handbooks tricks of the trade writing for social scientists What is Deviance summary of readingsUniversal Social rule All social groups create social rules and means of enforcing these rules Becker then goes through the rivaling hypotheses on deviance o Statistical Deviance One way of identifying what is deviant is to see when things statistically fall out of the normProblems with this those who are deviant do not see themselves as deviant people who are deviant may consider those who are calling them deviant deviantCaptures a mixed bag some of whom are seen as deviant and some are not o Pathology calls it a disease there is something intrinsically defective and wrong with the individual that explains the deviance The person is the one responsibleBecker says that the use of pathology and the metaphor of disease are terribly used in this scenario because people do not agree on what constitutes healthy behaviour There is no cutanddry definitionProblems Individually focusedmisses the judgment and interaction in labeling the people as deviant o StabilityWhat processes promote or disrupt stabilityThose that promote stability are functional and goodThose that disrupt stability are dysfunctional and badProblems function and dysfunctional are relative terms example of autistic socialization within the familyProblems Group function and purpose is often a political questionNo universal definition of stabilityDifferent groups have different aimsIdeas that you can isolate processes that increase stability or produce instability is a myth different groups have different aims
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