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SOC 202
Final assignment on blackboard
Qualitative research proposal , title page abstract and literature review , into what others
have written on this topic and deficient in this way, fill deficiency in research so far
Research methods, analytical and rational, ethics considerations if no ethics, why
When you do it have some theoretical orientation in mind, how group operates and what
result will be helps direct research which will help support or refute it,
List of references, 3 peer review sociology journals, American sociological associtiaion
Guides for writing proplosal on syllabus,
New Rulers of the world 53 minutes long, look for social, eco, political, religious structures,
dude who did it was a journalist not a social scientist, look for what will be considered
ethics violations, john pilger
Protest against globilaztion, 2001, gap between rich and poor increased, cost are now
showing up, ford bigger than south Africa,
Tiger woods most nike than those who make it,
Is this the global village of futre or past of kings and now bu multinational corpartaions,
and impact on ondonesia,
Indonsesia old emperialsm meets new, shouldnt be poor has respurces, colonized by dutch
and plundered, dictated by the imf and world bank,
Globalization used as coming together reducing poverty, but poor my poor and wealthy more
2 merchant families in Jakarta, world bank dynamic economic success, Indonesia worker
400 years to pay for wedding reception
Backyard iof labor economy, they make 72cents a day legal minimum wage, just over half
living wage, same as workers camp in asia and Africa for coroperate western markets,
Work in economic processing zone, sweat plants, 1000 young women 40 degrees, hrs
increase dramatically, 5 business as normal, 36 hrs a workm 24hr shift, what labels GAP
Aand old navy, investigate working conditions and are told what to say,
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