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Political Sociology

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University of Toronto St. George
Bob Andersen

SOC297 Jan26Goals of Todays Class 1 Political Ideology and Culture a Define some important terms b Discussion about human nature c CanadaUS value differences 2 Detailed discussion of the options for the course paper Some important terms 1Meritocracy and the functionalist theory of stratification o Some positions are more important than others o Society needs to ensure talented and qualified people fill those positions o Those positions require extensive training o Differential pay ensures best rise to the topEquality of Opportunity Capitalist o An environment where everyone regardless if social background is entitled to access to social positions and institutions eg educationie similar rules for allno arbitrary boundaries unfairly prevent people from obtaining social positions o assumes a meritocracy Some Important Terms 2Equality of Outcome Socialist o Similar outcomes for all regardless of social background skills initiativeEg the equalization of wealth or incomes through taxes and redistribution policies o Sometimes referred to as equality of condition though equality of condition typically has a different meaningEquality of condition social democratic o Similar starting point for everyoneie equality of opportunity but also ensures that there arent economic barriers to success o characterized by universal and free social programs especially educationCivil society vs the state o The state is composed of institutions of power and authority government police etc o Civil society is all other institutions and social organization not formally part of the stateCapitalism o Economic system characterized by private ownership of the means of production free market and the creation of goods and services for profit o Little state involvement
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